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Reminder about sign-ups
the way before you has been prepared...
ciaan wrote in sv_remix
Anyone who's been considering signing up for sv_remix and hasn't done so yet, remember that sign-ups close on the 20th (although really this means they are open until I get up and get online on the 21st (I'm in USA east coast time)).

You can sign up just to offer your work to be remixed (meaning no new effort for you), or just to do a remix (meaning you can join even if you've never done anything in Smallville fandom before), or to do both. So far all the sign-ups have been in the LiveJournal comm, but it's also open on Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal.

Just thought I'd remind all you people who are watching the comm (though if you are just audience members here for the eventual shiny treats, that's okay, too). :)


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