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Fic: Indirect Truth (A Truth in Advertising Remix)
twinsarein wrote in sv_remix

Title: Indirect Truth (A Truth in Advertising Remix)
Author: twinsarein

Rating: PG-13

Pairing/Characters: Clark/Lex
Original story and author: De Mendacio by [info]azrielle_jones
Word count: 1,709
Genre: established relationship
Spoilers: Through season five.

Summary: Clark tries to think of some way he can tell Lex the truth, without actually telling him.

Disclaimer: Not mine. They'll never be mine. I can make no claim on them (I'd like to, but I can't).

Feedback: Don't let your thoughts become the white elephant in the room. Bare your soul to me...or, at least tell me what you thought of the story. Please. *flutters eyelashes enticingly*

A/N 1: Well, this story was going to be my first sad ending. The idea was to match it to the original story better. However, my muses wouldn't let me leave it in such a bad place, so I thought of a way to make it happy. I'm sure you'll be able to pick out my original ending.
A/N 2: Written for the [info]
sv_remix challenge
A/N 3: Betaed by the fantastic 

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