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SV Remix check-in
the mountains rose up to the sky
ciaan wrote in sv_remix
I hope everyone is trucking along with their SV remixes! Remember that posting starts August 15 and ends August 31. I know the SV Big Bang moved their dates back a little, so hopefully that still works for everyone.

Don't be scared if you are nowhere near done. I, uh, haven't really started myself. I should get on that soon, shouldn't I? *shiftyeyes*

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Can we post anywhere in that window, or will we be assigned a date like for the SVBB? I have my ideas, but have been too busy with my SVBB and RL to start them yet. The ideas are pretty complete though, so I'm hoping they won't take too long to get written.

You can post whenever you like!!

Don't worry, there's a flashing neon sign in my brain reminding me to do my remix fic. It's just also there alongside the flashing signs for my SVBB, two stories for my own exchange greys_exchange, my 100_women table, and then I need to start my Star Trek BB. Heh. *wipes brow, gets back to work*

(May I just say though, serious yay for not assigning dates right now. How did everyone and their dog somehow do a exchange or challenge due within a single month long window. Oi.)

There always seem to be so many things going on in fandom, it's true. Oi indeed.

I have one of the three I'm going to try to submit done. It's a little different since I decided to go with artwork.

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